Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Roses in Bloom

Not only were the Cliff Roses in bloom up in the higher elevations, I got an awful lot of flower knitting done while enroute! Talk about fast knitting!

Each flower is knit in a different color, twelve in total and all out of Karaoke. They are for a felted bag that I'm test knitting for SWTC. I'm on the last bits of the bag, and should have it ready for the wash today! Can't wait!


illanna said...

Holy Moly those are beautiful. Now I'm starting to miss test knitting since everyone has such beautiful Karaoke projects. Are those flowers really knit? Mama Mia!

Kirsten said...

Those flowers are beautiful! Will you show us the bag once it is done? All the talk about Karaoke is making me REALLLLY want to knit with it.....and the colors look wonderful too!

Karen said...

The roses are beautiful!!! Where did you get the pattern?