Tuesday, June 21, 2005

twas a Rip Roarin' Good Weekend

I think I've got it all out of my system now...I've successfully frogged out two sweaters and the whole back of an unloved sweatervest....the spoils?

Copious quantities of yarn...first up: the checkerboard sweater - unraveled and separated into individual strands (the sweater was knit double stranded) so I can remake it into something useful. Marble contemplates the thought. She's pulling for a Felted Kitty Pi Bed. The yarn ranged from a white to grey variegated (the balls on the far left) to a tweedy tan/brown color (balls on the right) to a solid cream and dark brown (balls in the center). The sweater was a great hit with the cats while it was being unmade, and because the wool is very rough, it is definitely destined to be something for the cats :)

Next up: The super bulky, yet quite soft, handspun sweater created by my Uruguayan Abuela. Disassembling the sweater was a little bit of a challenge as it was seamed with the same yarn that was used to knit it...once I got going though, I managed to reclaim every little scrap. Because of the bulkiness, it definitely won't be finding its way back into a sweater - not for me anyway. Perhaps a Sophie Bag? a Booga Bag? a French Market Bag? Or perhaps even a Button Hole Bag...can you tell I have a fixation with bags? Then again, it isn't as if there is any lack of yarn - after all, that is one humongous sweaters worth of yarn sitting there for your ogling pleasure :)

And Finally, the back of that poor sweatervest (the fronts have been set aside for a felting experiment or other things - I see a small red pouch, or some felted embellishments). At least one of these balls is destined to become a Branching Out scarf - I hope with a little handling the halo will bloom back on this yarn - the yarn reclaim process had little bits of red fuzz flying. Fiber content: lambswool and angora with a tiny bit of nylon - very soft.

Stay tuned for my crazy knitting progress - I managed to complete two projects this past weekend...one is just lacking a finishing touch before packing both up as they are destined as gifts.

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Jan said...

That yarn all looks so enticing! (I think I need a yarn swift....)