Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pasha, the Pioneering Penguin

Meet Pasha the Third :) he's a Pioneering Penguin, braving the wilds in search of elusive yarn!

Here we have Pasha, peering down canyon...trying to decide if these hunting grounds are first glance, things seem barren and brown.

On closer inspection, it seems the plants are still blooming, and there is a fair amount of greenery - however Pasha is not interested in foliage...he's on the hunt for Fiber! yarn fish either - but there were quite a number of small tadpoles lurking in the pool.

Pasha the Persistent, continues his hunt upstream....

Behold his bounty! Yarn balls, in a wide array of colors and sizes!

Finally, we have a candid shot...of our intrepid adventurer enjoying his catch. Pasha says "who needs fish when I have yarn?!"

Alrighty. Before you all think I've been sniffing too much yarn, there is a reason Pasha and I went off adventuring on a photo shoot - it's all in the name of the Knitty Calendar contest. Since I can't decide which photos I like best, I'll leave it up to you all - those who comment anyway. I can submit up to three - and while I have other Knitty knitting on the needles, I'm not certain I will be able to come up with creative appealing ways to get photos of those works - so I'm pinning all my photo publishing aspirations on Pasha. Would love to hear which photos you all like best :D


illanna said...

I like #4 with the water in the background. Pasha's awesome!!!

Bethany said...

I especially like the one where he's rolling around in the yarn. So cute.

Anonymous said...

I like the 4th one down with the water. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's between #4 and #5 for me!

amy in az/ amyville

thuy said...

s, pasha needs an iceberg. either that or the second picture down from top.

Jess said...

Pasha with the plants, and the one by the waterfall, and the one with all the little balls of yarn cascading down the rock.

What fun! Good luck.