Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fifteen Fruit and Spiced Tea

Twas a lovely and relaxing, if slightly bug chewed holiday weekend.

Before heading up to higher elevations, the weekend began by visiting with Amy. Small gifties were exchanged, followed by a tasty lunch from Wildflower Bread Company (mmmm...mmm! Forest mushroom soup in a bread boule!). After lunch, the real madness began with yarn winding and unraveling (Amy got to watch her yummy yarn go round and round on my swift and yarn winder while I rrrripped out more of the Sheepy Checkerboard Sweater).

Before I get too far, you're probably wondering what on earth my entry title has to do with anything...well, Quince happens to be Spanish for "fifteen" - but better yet, it is a also happens to be a yellow fruit that is shaped something between an apple and a pear...high in pectin, but quite sour to the taste - it also makes a lovely fruit butter. Mariko sent this amazingly tasty fruit butter from San Francisco by way of Amy. Thanks Mariko! I'm hooked! Once I run out, it's either hie myself to San Francisco, or order online. I have to say, this Quince & Rose Geranium Butter is a unique experience and I'm hard pressed to describe how it tastes - all I know is hand me a chunk of gorgeous artesian bread and give me my jar and I'll be one happy person...until it all runs out!

So that explains the Fifteen Fruit anyway...

...as for the tea, it's actually not tea at all :) (though there is nothing wrong with tea! I'm especially into cold teas right now...and have taken to brewing a blend of teas to keep in the fridge for my morning beverage.

In this case, spiced tea refers to Chai...an absolutely delicious handspun silk from Artfibers. The photo doesn't do it justice - the yarn has amazing sheen and gloss. Thank you Amy :) I love it.

Anywho, the remainder of the weekend was spent playing outside and relaxing in my hammock. The knitting came with, and I'm nearing completion of the the felt bag I've got as a test knit from SWTC. Stay tuned for a peek as it nears completion!

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Anonymous said...

You'd better lock up your swift and ball winder, cuz I think Amy has designs on it! Glad you like the jam. We tried all sorts of interesting things at that booth.