Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hop to it!

A recent missive let me know that a friend has just expanded his family by one :) He's now got a little girl to dote over. I'm having a hard enough time reconciling my crazy mowhawked "lil bro" to a clean cut house ownin' doctor type...with a little girl - but hey, we all grow up sometime right? :D

Congratulations, Robert, if you're reading this - and no tellin Mia that she's getting a bunny!

Anywho, this little surprise was kinda sprung on me after little Mia made her debut, so a quick gift was in order! Read more on the making here.

I bet most of you were thinking I would churn out another Penguin! Well, to tell you the truth, while I do like making penguins, I was nearly out of Penguin an attempt to tame my stash, I decided on the bunny instead :D

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myra said...

Cuute!! And I love your penguins too! :)