Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rabbit in Disguise

I've always been fascinated with different and creative ways of wrapping I had to come up with something unique for the little bunny. I came up with this idea - wrap the bunny as a carrot!

Unfortunately I had no orange or green tissue/wrapping paper - so I had to make do with my crayons. Sadly, on retrieving my handy Big Box of crayons, I had to set on to reminiscing...because my Big Box is missing a mess of colors I had when growing up. I think I acquired my Big Box sometime while I was in college...but it was after the big Crayola Color Reorg. I now have to contend with a "lavender" that doesn't look like any lavender I've ever seen, "shocking pink", "outrageous orange", and "macaroni and cheese" amongst others. I want my classics back!


Eva said...

What an AWESOME idea for wrapping!

I agree with you on the whole Crayola debacle. What is up with the names of some of those colors!?

Bethany said...

I completely agree! But, at least they smell the same. Am I crazy that a box of crayolas is one of my favorite smells?