Monday, June 13, 2005

World Wide KIP Day!

Reams of knitting and knitting related progress was made this weekend starting with World Wide Knit in Public Day. Saturday found me running shuttle duty for a hike - and in between stops, I decided to go for a bit of knitting and a little caramel-mocha diversion along with an absolutely delicious apple-nut roll at Le Buzz. Properly caffeinated and sugared up (absolutely necessary after a crack of dawn start at 4:30am!), I headed up trail to meet up with the intrepid adventurers with Pasha in tow for a photo shoot in honor of the Knitty calendar contest. I had tried to do photos of Pasha at home, but I was doomed with poor outdoors were much better!

As for the rest of the crazy knitting progress that ensued, I'm nearly done with the Triceratops, made great progress on Anouk (both are gifts) and also made fair progress on my Ribbon X Back. While I wasn't knitting, I was busy blocking and unraveling :) I'm pleased to report I have successfully rescued that Silk Sweater I thought I had shrunk (thanks Chris!) - and I've just got the Back of that Checkerboard sweater to rip out...

Now then, I do have a question - anyone happen to know what the standard conversion is between DPI and PPI or if there is such a thing? I ask because I'm stumped as to what Knitty is really looking for for a submitted photo. All help is appreciated :)

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