Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cup a what?!

a Cake! That's what! And not just any cake - but a little pint sized perfect personal pastry - a cupcake.

Certainly a fantastic idea, and you gotta love the little animation of the container shaking before opening to reveal a perfectly frosted cupcake. The thought of being able to tote (and not squash) a cupcake out into the wilderness for eating on an adventure brings warm thoughts to this hiker's heart! And think of the marvel and jealousy that would ensue should others be around when the fantastic little box was withdrawn from one's pack - assuming the weather has cooperated and the temperatures weren't too warm, the cupcake should travel unscathed and the frosting unmelted happily in ones pack for a perfect mid day munch.

Sadly, it does have one serious flaw in execution - what might that be you ask? Handwash only. Have these people never tried to get a plastic container squeaky clean by hand after it's been slathered with buttercreme frosting?!


Raquel said...

Hmmm. A titanium cup-a-cake. Now that's an idea. :p

Bethany said...

I thought this was the awesomest thing I've seen in a while, so I called my husband in to come look at it. And he was all, "that's it. the most useless thing possible." There is just no accounting for some people, is there?

Oh, and the reason that buttercream is so hard to get off plastic, is that the polymers that make plastic and those in the oils of the food are similar is such a way that they bond. That's why you just can't make meringue in a plastic bowl that's had any oils or egg yolks in it. And that isn't something I just know (I'm not quite that dorky), I learned it from Alton Brown on the Food Network.