Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sucked in by a Seam

The Rippin' party has continued...I finished ripping out the Checkerboard sweater and just need to get the yarn rewound on my ball winder...While ripping out the back, I discovered that my cat still does remember how to play fetch, but only on her terms. Her new favorite toy (under supervision only) is a ball of yarn made of small scraps from said sweater - I think it's because of the sheepy smell! Unfortunately, I was having too much fun actually having her play fetch that I failed to get a photo before she tired of the game.

Anyway, I was re-organizing my closet and making a pile of things to send to goodwill and stumbled across a few sweaters - almost all of them had the wrong kind of seam aka Bad Seams (see this for more info on reusing sweaters for yarn) but one sweater vest (yes, I had a sweater vest) that looked mighty promising....

The vest was knit of gorgeous yarn - double strands of laceweight (at least I think it's laceweight) very soft lambswool/angora blend. In a favorite shade of red....perfect for ripping! Or so I thought. If you noticed, I said it looked mighty promising. Yeah, that's right. Looked. After divesting the vest of it's buttons and snipping out the reinforcing threads around the button holes, I tackled the sweater by disconnecting the bands around the sweater arms and edges - only to discover that the two fronts were knit and cut....that's right. Cut. They used the happy banding to hide that small fact. So the two fronts are useless except for multitudes of relatively short strands of yarn. The good news is the whole back of the vest was knit in one piece and was able to be reclaimed - I'm now in the process of separating the strands and rewinding the balls. When it's all said and done, I should have just over 2 ounces of laceweight yarn - whee! I'll have to get photos of all my reclaimed yarn once its all wound up :)

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Chris said...

You could sew the front panels together to make a purse. Hate for yummy knit material to go to waste!