Monday, February 07, 2005

An Un-Seamly Productive Weekend

Well, it turns out I was only sick enough to completely pass out and be useless for one day - unfortunately I was not sick enough to be useful for logical thought or anything else over the weekend - but 2x2 ribbing was a Ribby's sleeves are done, and she's seamed up! I've picked up for her collar - I think I'm switching over to the Mock Neck style with perhaps some contrasting trim. Zipper hasn't been purchased, but I have tried her on as is, and she fits nicely (and yes, I couldn't resist tampering a bit with the lengths, and I'm happy I did). I noticed the darker color fabric seems softer and less scratchy to the touch - not sure why that is. I figure by the end of the project, I'll have used all my dark yarn and will perhaps have 2 skeins of the light blue remaining.

Since I'm doomed to another day on the couch, I'll probably manage to get some work done on Cozy - unless I manage to drift off for a very welcome nap....what is it with colds and flu that make it difficult to get any sort of restful sleep at night?! I would think that the body would do anything for a "system shutdown" kind of rest to get rid of the offending bug. While I've definitely hit the "I'm really sick and tired of being sick" stage (otherwise also known as the whiny and wall-climbing phase of illness), I try to tell myself: "at least I'm catching up on my knitting and reading...." :) Be well, folks - and do whatever you can to keep whatever is making the rounds away. You definitely don't want *this* bug.

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