Friday, February 25, 2005

Overdue Photo Blogging

All the rain has put a serious crimp on my Photo Blogging - I have a thing about getting proper colors in my photos, so I generally hate taking pictures inside under artificial lighting...but since I had to crack out my camera for some other photos, I figured I'd crank em all out at once and try to get some practice using Paint Shop Pro :)

Lookie lookie :) Amy knows I love to enhance my Fabric Stash almost as much as I love to enhance my Yarn Stash...she got me some Lilly Pulitzer fabric and some Incredibles toys - Baby Incredible (I can shoot his head off!) and Dash (he's a wind-up toy)! I loved that movie - can't believe its coming out on DVD/VHS already!! Thanks so much for brightening my day, Amy - I'm workin' on plans for that fabric :)

1 comment:

Creative Genius? said...

Oh that fabric is so nice!!! What are you going to make with it?