Monday, February 14, 2005

IKEA'd Again!

It truly is amazing what a little bit of organization will do. Somehow, over the course of several years, our two "guest rooms" turned into oversized gear closets with gear all over the place. Should I have the pleasure of receiving guests, the poor people would have to be shoe-horned into the guest rooms amongst all the equipment with hardly any space for their luggage!

Thanks go IKEA and a ridiculously energized and determined husband, our guest rooms are guest-ready again and my gear room looks like an outfitter's shop! It's really quite impressive. I honestly can't remember the last time I could walk around freely inside the guest room turned gear closet...And all this was done without throwing away hardly anything - just some new shelves, a hanging peg rack, some dowel extensions for my existing peg racks and some storage benches (which the cats adore). Unfortunately, no photos are available - I was too embarrassed by the original mess to capture it, and well, I'm kinda embarrassed by the quantity of outdoor equipment we own. In any case, while it seemed like mad torture to actually get it done, the rooms look positively stunning.

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Cruz said...

Please show us pictures. I have a guest room that has become a storage closet and have no idea how to think of organizing it all!