Monday, February 28, 2005

Like a Butterfly...

...I flit from project to project.

I was happily working on some gift knitting and contemplating casting on some mindless knitting (a chenille throw) to keep near the television...but alas, I've been diverted like a butterfly to a lovely lacy flower...I'm test knitting Mariposa for Southwest Trading Company! (as of right now, the image on the main page for SWTC happens to be Mariposa). It's a lovely lacy flower wrap done in Bamboo yarn. Unfortunately for me, in order to save myself a long extraneous tail from long tail cast on, I tried single loop cast on for this project and the first row was proving to be a real pain in the you know what. After struggling to get halfway through the first row (309 stitches!!) I gave up, frogged it out and re-cast on using long tail. Sadly, things are progressing slowly - either I'm just a slow knitter or I just didn't have a good appreciation for how long it takes to make a lace object...ah well. I guess I'll re-evaluate this whole "test knitting" concept once I'm through with my first project.

Random fact for you readers: a Mariposa is a lovely tulip-like flower that grows in the southwestern United States and Mexico....mariposa also happens to be the Spanish word for butterfly.


Kirsten said...

Stephanie, that shawl is so beautiful!! I can't wait for the pattern to come out!! Good luck with it! -Kirsten

paula said...

Hi Stephanie,

I'd like more info on how one can become a test knitter. I'd appreciate any info you may have. I went on their site and downloaded their design guidelines and they mentioned something about a "knitting resume." I must confess, I have no idea what that is or how I'd construct one!

Anyway, I wasn't interested so much in designing something as test-knitting some of their patterns and would appreciate any info you feel like sharing. :-)
( pabilheira_at_yahoo_dot_com )