Thursday, February 10, 2005

Healthcare POS indeed!

**warning** This Post Contains Nearly No Knitting Content **warning**

Sorry folks, 3 days and no updates...I fear the only good that has come out of having the flu is a mostly complete Ribby. Sadly, I'm well enough to have packed myself back off to work because I'm one of the last people on earth that still uses a 56k modem...and trying to work from home on such a pokey connection was driving me batty. As a result, I've not had proper light with which to photo my Ribby or anything else I've been working on (gifties!). Hopefully this will be remedied relatively soon. This ends the knitting update.

As for that title, I'm on a rampage about the state of the healthcare insurance system. I laugh every time I see it, because I'm on a POS plan. Literally. They don't mean for me to refer to it as a Piece of Sh*t, but there it is. The plan benefits must have recently changed, and rather than direct mail all the plan participants notifying them of the changes, I believe they just posted the changes to some website that they hoped we'd go visit. Imagine my surprise when I realized there had been a 50% increase in my dr visit copay cost and some prescription medications have received a 100% cost increase! Oh, and another thing - they've gone and implemented a mail order system for prescription medications....and from what I hear, they plan on making certain "maintenance" prescriptions more difficult to obtain from a brick-and-mortar retail pharmacy to force the use of this prescriptions-by-post program...was this communicated in any nice manner? Of course not. After all, the program is a POS.

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Creative Genius? said...

Hello there.... Sorry about your POS medical plan... I have decided that my hubbie can NEVER leave his job because they have a somewhat decent plan (and a terrific dental plan)... As for the prescriptions... I use mail order mainly and it's a godsend... My monthly drugs cost me over $50 a month (asthma and chewable vitamins).... so this mail away program where you get three months for the price of one... and I can order them on line (we all know how much I LOVE shopping online) and they deliver them right to my door!

So I wish you luck with yours - I know it's frustrating... but keep working at it... Also if you have an prescription to fill now... Target runs an ad where you get a $10 gift card for any new or transfered prescription and CVS has a deal right now where you get a $25 gift card....