Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm such a Chicken

With all the reorganization that ensued over the last weekend, I've discovered that I do indeed have a zipper foot for my lovely sewing machine. However, after much contemplation, I still chickened out and dropped my Ribby off with a seamstress to have her zipper installed. Call it paranoia - my sewing machine has been known to get a case of the munchies every now and again...nibbling and gnawing on my fabric. After all my hard work on Ribby, I didn't care to risk her to my temperamental machine....and now, just a couple days later, I have a complete Ribby :)

The seamstress did a good job, completely overlapping the zipper teeth with the sweater bands, so while I made sure to have a matching zipper, it really isn't ever noticeable (except for the zipper tab, which is now (tho unfortunately not in the photo) sporting its very own jewelry - an ultra-adorable fortune cookie zipper-pull from Amyville!. Definitely a fun and easy sweater to knit up, it fits great with my modifications. If anything, I'm actually contemplating getting the ribs a bit damp to get them to relax down a little bit so I get a closer fit through the body. Check it out all the gory details on my Finished Objects Blog :D


your secret pal said...

WAY TO GO! your ribby looks AWESOME! really, really nice! you should be very proud of yourself! i'm busy finishing up a package for you - i'll let you know when i get it in the mail!
take care -
your secret pal :)

LeAnne said...

Geez, your sweater looks just fantastic! Great job.