Thursday, February 24, 2005

Egrets...and Herons...and Pelicans! oh my!

Other than the stunning wildflowers, the recent rains have filled in a lot of the drainage ditches that seem so prevalent where I live - and have made small artificial wetlands - it's been great walking into work and seeing ducks and other cool water fowl (I actually saw pelicans one day!) out and about. A small park that I pass on my way to work every day has a pond that is stocked with fish...the presence of the fish seems to draw egrets and herons. This morning it was exceptionally beautiful with the bright sun rising and fog vapors lifting off the water surface with egrets silhouetted all along the shoreline. Such a shame I had go into work rather than sit at the park and enjoy the scenery - mist and fog would certainly go with my latest inspiration...I've been drooling over the lovely designs of Alice Starmore...

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