Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Place for Everything...

...and everything in its place.

I swear. All this rain is proving to be most difficult on my wallet as well as on my sanity. There is only so much organizing and redecorating that an individual can do without going absolutely bonkers! :D

This weekend resulted in yet another trip to IKEA...to purchase a nice tall bookcase. (Norrebo, in case you're wondering) It puts my other bookshelf to shame (an affaire of bricks and laminate shelving as done by a starving college student). So now we look incredibly literate...until you go in for the close scan and realize that one and a half shelves are dedicated to hiking books and field guides! The arrival of Norrebo into the house also enabled me to move my towering pile of cookbooks from the bedroom (don't ask) over to the etagere that flanks the kitchen...it's nearly full, if you can believe that.

Cruz asked for photos of my newly tidied guest rooms. Sadly, I don't have any - and I'm still rather shy of publishing photos of my home. I don't know why, it just seems wrong. I will say that our biggest problem was having the vertical storage to put everything. Prior to the Great Organizational Weekend, all of my extensive hiking gear was strewn about the floor. One might wonder how it is possible that an individual can really have that much hiking gear....well, it's safe to say that I have enough gear in the house to run a small outfitter - at last count we had over 10 backpacks, 8 sleeping pads and some crazy number of tents and sleeping bags. Add in the fact that I have climbing gear and enough rope to wrap my house in and perhaps you get the picture. Go vertical I say :D Get yerself some shelves and some bins and start compartmentalizing. I'm a great fan of compartmentalizing - it just seems to make for easier access! Things that can hang can be hung on the walls from peg boards...or even in the closet! I never thought it could be done without offloading a ton of the gear, but we managed - and I'm positively stunned at the difference.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That's more outdoor gear than we have.....well, maybe. A couple of tents, a bivy sack, 3 or so sleeping bags, 4 sleeping pads, 2 big backpacks and a lot of daypacks, one static and one dynamic climbing rope, about 5 harnesses, shoes, assorted pro. Bikes, helmets, shoes, lights, and so on. Various parts for rowing shells (not to mention a whole boat hanging from the roof of our back porch - it's not in rowable condition, though). And let's not even talk about the clothes to do all this. OK, maybe we do have comparable amounts of gear!

Paula / Dichroic