Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Rain Really puts a Damper on Things!

While I like the occasional shower, the recent weather in the southwest has just been wreaking havoc with things. Granted, it's certainly resulted in more than its fair share of early spring cleaning...which I am thankful for...but it's also resulted in throwing me off from my normal weekend habit of getting outside to poke around - and with all the recent rain, the wildflowers should be stunning - if I could just get myself to a trail that won't be a mud wallow! Sadly, this week actually has showers forecast for *every*single*day*. I'm starting to go stir crazy. A girl like me can only get stuck doing indoor activities for so many weekends (and my house is about as organized as it's going to get!!). Sadly, this has also resulted in my getting way behind in photographing works in progress and some wonderful gifts...I have a thing for natural light - images just come out more true to color in natural light. While I'm getting more and more proficient at removing color casts and otherwise manipulating images in Paint Shop, it is certainly not my forte - much easier to deal with images that don't need that kind of adjustment to begin with!

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