Friday, February 04, 2005

Saved from Daytime TV!

One of the things I absolutely dread about being sick is getting stuck watching daytime television. I don't know what it is about daytime television that makes it so absolutely dreadful, but it just is - and no, I don't have cable or satellite TV at home.

So - why on earth would I find myself stuck dreading the horrors of daytime television you ask? Well, I've been battling some weird bug all week and it finally laid me low yesterday - fever topping 100 degrees F, and good for absolutely nothing other than being horizontal on the couch. I didn't have enough energy to read, to knit (how sad!), to push the cats off me when they *both* insisted on sitting on my chest - and definitely no energy to surf channels. What saved me? Why I was passed out for most of the day, thank you very much! Definitely an interesting experience for someone who is usually multi-tasking with all kinds of things going hither and yon.

I'm officially on the mend, though am definitely no where near able to multi-task (heck, I'm barely able to single task for that matter!), and while I will likely continue to acquaint myself with my couch, I will hopefully be able to get more rows done on Ribby (I'm guessing 58 more rows before sleeve cap shaping).

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Creative Genius? said...

I hope you feel better really soon! Do you need anything?