Monday, January 31, 2005

Quality Time!

Lots of quality time spent this weekend pursuing the following:

1) Knitting! Whoo hoo! Lookie lookie! What have we here?

Why it's the Back and Fronts of Ribby! Blocking happily on my rug from IKEA! It was a bit troublesome measuring out dimensions on my rug, but the vertical lines helped immensely. I've cast on for both sleeves and it's going quickly - I guess all those 1x1 and 2x2 ribbed scarves paid off :)

2) The garage was dumped, cleaned and re-organized. I found not one, but two pair of goretex boots hiding in the garage. Somehow I collect hiking boots like other women collect fancy shoes. These will be most welcome for snowshoeing expeditions - I wore a pair of midweight hikers last time I went and wound up with damp feet. Hooray for Performance Fabrics!

3) Snuggling with the Cats - post organization exhaustion (and allergies) caught up with me in the afternoon resulting in a catnap in the sun (on the couch) with both my kitties keeping me company. Unfortunately, because I was spending quality time with the cats, I was not spending quality time with my sewing machine. Oh well. It's not like my fabric is going anywhere!

4) Finally we spent some quality time reminiscing about high school and the 80's (we stumbled across old yearbooks in our re-organizational frenzy) by watching Napoleon Dynamite. Definitely funny, especially for those of us from that generation.


Lynette said...

your blocking ribby pieces look great. i love the color and can't wait to see the finished product. ;)

Anonymous said...

Since you're nearly done with one project, I'd like to suggest one to work on next: The Chicken Viking hat. I've decided that I need to learn to knit just so I can have one of these.

Hooray for organization! We're in the middle of a vast organization project, too. I hope to find my missing shoe sometime in the next month or two. Bleh.