Monday, January 17, 2005


A rare weekend was spent at home relaxing, getting some quality knitting done (whoo! Much progress on Ribby!) and heading out for lunch and a movie. What movie? Did I head off and join the crowds that made Meet the Fockers a three week top rated movie (bumped to #2 this week, I hear)...nope! I rarely see movies on the big screen anymore - I usually wait patiently until they get released to VHS/DVD....unless it's something I think will benefit from big screen viewing - you know, films with amazing and fantastical special effects...or...movies done by Pixar. I love Pixar movies. The animation is amazingly well done, and so are the story lines. So, after a tasty lunch of pho, a quick pop into Barnes and Noble (had to see if they had anymore calendars....and they did - and I got one too, at 75% off, what a deal!), we popped in to see the Incredibles. If you haven't seen it yet, it's highly recommended :D

On another note, it would seem my engineering training (and my current job) has resulted in continued decline in my verbal skills - the calendar I picked up is the Page-a-Day Scrabble Calendar - and I'm finding my vocabulary just isn't up to par. Ah well, it provides a brief diversion during the day while I'm at work :) And, I'm learning new words - something to engage the mind and provide some diversion during the day, what more could I want from a calendar?

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