Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I'm into armhole shaping!! Fifteen more rows and I start Neck shaping and hopefully will be able to cast on for Ribby's sleeves.

Mail Call :D Beginners' Knitting Anxiety struck and since I have a moratorium running on adding to my cookbook collection, and I'm on a self-imposed Yarn Diet, I figured I'd add to my Knitting Resource collection :) My first finishing book was the Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques - and I like it well enough; but I wanted something a bit more comprehensive. So I picked up a copy of Vogue Knitting, and so far, based on a quick scan, it looks like a great resource to have on hand.

In other much more boring news, we washed and waxed the cars last weekend...so guess what, we've got rain forecasted this week. Perfect. Oh well - it makes for good knitting weather :) Anything to prolong the cooler weather makes me happy - and it gives me hope that I'll actually get my sweater done *before* the hot weather comes in! (then again, worst case I bring the finished Ribby to work to wear...why is it that it seems most places have over active air conditioners??)

And finally, a rant: Can someone please explain to me why it is that some people feel obligated to foist their religion upon others?? Can't they be content to just keep it to themselves and not push their beliefs into policy that impact the lives of a much more diverse audience?! Amongst the things that get me going: "Faith-Based Parks", children's characters being maligned for being homosexual propagandists because they promote tolerance and diversity, and the recent "news" that the religious right is planning on withholding support for the crazily over-hyped plans for privatizing social security unless the constitution is amended to ban gay marriage. Good grief. I've plenty more to say on the subject but eloquence eludes me right now. So I'll just stop there.

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DomestiGirl said...

That's so funny - I just got those two very books for my collection... well, those and "Socks!" Fortunately they came in before my new book allowance went into effect, because now I have to sell other books to get new books and that Vogue one is pricey (but definitely worth it).

On the rant: Word.