Wednesday, January 12, 2005

How exhausting!

Whew! All that deep thinking and personal introspection has just plain exhausted me ;) Unfortunately for my crafting, my brain has taken a turn to catching up on reading, resulting in not much progress on any of my projects.

Cozy continues to linger on needles with about 3 skeins (out of four!) of yarn to go!

I've only got twenty more rows to go....
.......on the BACK of my Ribby Cardi...BEFORE I start armhole decreases - yee. Sleeves and side panels and a zipper installation yet to come!

And of course, there's the self-imposed yarn diet until I can get all my yarn properly contained...which means I need to start using up my bulkier weight yarns (after all, they're hoggin valuable real estate!) so one of these days I'll be casting on for yet more scarves and I'm still planning on cranking out a Chenille Throw...pattern suggestions welcomed.

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