Saturday, January 08, 2005


My goodness, nothing like meeting up with creative people to get the gears rolling in the head for more and more ideas for cool things to make!

Before I get totally distracted, someone asked if ground beef would work out in the Mole soup, and I'd say yeah - but be sure to drain off the fat :) Tweak as you will - I always do :D

On knitting news, I finally got some not so good shots of the Hug up on my Finished Objects site, and I'm making slow but steady progress up the Ribby Cardi back. I may well be tabling the Butterfly Scarf from my Works in Progress - I was attempting to use up the remainder of my Lion Brand Homespun Yarn, but I think I just don't like that yarn very much. It's not very warm (being acrylic), it's splitty while knitting, and my hug is developing quite the halo - not a nice mohair-y halo, but a halo that looks like it might try to turn all pilly. Ick-o. Pilly knits. Worst case scenario is that yarn will get used up while I knit up new Cat toys :D so it'll get used...eventually.

After a tasty IKEA brunch with Amy of Amyville miniature goodies, we met up with some crafty ladies from Craftster! Today appeared to be knitting day, but these women are an inspiration for crafty goodness! I may well get cranking on that cross stitch that's been languishing all this time after seeing some of the gorgeous work that's been turned out! And I never knew the things you could make with Ties...

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Raquel said...

Yay. Crafty goodness all around. I'm there in spirit although I'm slacking terribly this weekend preferring to settle in front of the fire with a book. I noticed you were sporting Hug in Amy's crafster pic. Tres cool although I still think you need one in some absolutely decadent yarn. :) And if you actually finish that cross stitch....well girl, you are more woman than I. I don't think my tapestry peacock will ever come out of half finished purgatory.