Friday, November 12, 2004

Traumatized. Need Chocolate.

Why is it that whenever I'm stressed it triggers an insatiable need for chocolate? Generally I can take care of this fix by nibbling on a piece of high quality dark chocolate. Unfortunately my tasty chocolate that I keep on hand for such occasions is playing hide and go seek...I'm in the midst of packing my desk at work because my workplace has decided to relocate my office. I don't know if they realize how disruptive this process is - it takes a good chunk of a day to pack away the office - at which point I can't stand to sit inside my cube any more because it's so dreary looking when it's empty. (not that I can normally stand to sit inside my office when it's so gorgeous outside and I'd rather be enjoying the sunshine...but that's something else all together.) Not to mention the time it's going to take for me to *unpack* my office and put it back in order once they do move it all. What I need is a fully movable cubicle. Slap a lid on it and move the whole darn thing. Too much to ask for, eh?

Anyway, I packed my chocolate, sealed the box, and here I sit, with a mad craving for said chocolate but with too much pride to go slicing open all of my boxes to find it. *sigh* a true conundrum it is, I tell you.

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illanna said...

Chocolate sounds SOOOOO good right now! DId you start your cardigan yet????