Friday, November 19, 2004

Technical Difficulties

Imagine my horror when I logged in and noticed that my entire blog content had gone off and disappeared! All I saw was the very beginning of an html tag where the title of my blog should be!

The good thing is, it was relatively easy to resolve because it turns out my template had somehow gotten corrupt. Since this has happened once before, I have actually backed up my template every time I make a change to it. Unfortunately Blogger does not have a good way to backup the daily content of the blog, so if mine ever goes'll go missing.

I'm exhausted today - I keep getting sucked into staying up late and making a few more DPN needle cases - those who know me well also know that when I get sucked into a project, it has a tendency to keep me up into the wee hours. So instead of getting rest this week, I've been staying up sewing in bed with my Petzl headlamp lighting the way (I need bright light to sew, but my husband doesn't appreciate trying to sleep with the overhead light on).

Thank goodness it's Friday. I'm in need of a break - I never did recover properly from my allergies of last weekend and thanks to a few enabling friends (you know who you are ;) ) I've found a whole mess of fabrics to get into online....and my head has been spinning with ideas now that I've refamiliarized myself with my sewing machine!

And yes, there really is a beer called KiltLifter. And it's quite tasty too.


Creative Genius? said...

Ok - really I am laughing because I can relate to working around the house (knitting, crafting, reading, whatever) with my headlamp - so I can totally picture you sewing in bed with it on....

Glad to know that I am not the only one!! Aren't headlamps a terrific invention!

debiknits said...

OK, call me dense but I've never seen someone wearing a headlamp and sewing in bed. You should have DH take a pic and post it for those of us that can't see this in our heads. GRIN

Raquel said...

Sniff, sniff....I miss Kiltlifter. The closest I've found in the micro capital of the world is Deschutes Jubelale but it's not quite the same....headlamp in bed. LOL :) And to do my part to enable all those sewers out there, I steered Steph to!