Saturday, November 27, 2004

and into the Valley of Death she went

Happy Day, Turkey! Those who know me well also know I nearly never spend holidays at home! This year was no different in that aspect, but we did branch out and explore some new desert regions. We migrated over California-way and hit Death Valley National Park for our holiday festivities - which were complete with turkey dinner, I might add, courtesy of Panamint Springs Resort (which, on a serious tangent, could be all mine for 2.6 million dollars!) The resort hosted a free Thanksgiving Feed! They roasted something on the order of 25 huge birds for the occasion. Much knitting got done with the long nights - I finished my first skein of yarn on Cozy and she's looking very nice indeed. Some last minute surprise knitting was done and is now in the "finishing" process since I didn't bring my yarn needles with me on the trip.
Death Valley is quite the interesting place with lots and lots to see; photos will be posted sometime in the near future after I get them all off my camera and "processed." Things I learned/decided on the trip:

  1. A good portion of RV-ers aren't that bad. Unfortunately, like everything else, there's the bad egg in the bunch who thrust my impression to the worst. Who was it this time? The not nice loudmouth individual who insisted on taking up spaces at a Tent Only campground with his and his buddies. They clanged about for over an hour arranging their humongous trailer, their truck with on-board Camper and their Jeep in a site meant only to house a car or two and some tents. I say thanks that they did have the redeeming quality that once they did settle in, they didn't run their generator.
  2. I really like my Weber Baby-Q for car camping. It's really made quite the difference in camp-food.
  3. To make a truly decadent camp, I believe all I have missing is a high end two burner propane stove and a portable hot water heater. My car-camping style couldn't possibly be more of a departure from my backpacking style!
  4. Sand dunes are lots of fun.
  5. Salt flats are very interesting - especially for looking at mineral growth and crystalline structures.
  6. Flat spaces and being able to see for miles and miles make me realize just how tiny we are...yet how destructive we can be. For cripes sake folks, stay off the Racetrack when it's wet!
  7. For some reason, the park writes all of its information as if it were addressing a child. I personally found this rather irritating. It's almost as if they expect for one's curiosity towards the natural world to diminish as one gets older. How sad.
  8. Coyotes are very handsome creatures.
  9. So are Ravens.
  10. Hoover Dam on a holiday weekend during daylight hours - not a good idea. Backup of four miles to get through!
  11. Escaping to the wilderness to celebrate and be thankful for its existence - excellent idea! The more remote the better, I say!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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