Tuesday, November 30, 2004

tink tink tink!

No, that's not me making weird noises...it's a new knitting term I learned!

To Tink is to Knit backwards...or rather to unknit one stitch at a time...I've not got the hang of controlled frogging yet, so I have a tendency to unknit my mistakes to correct them...it can be very tedious and trying - especially when you have to unknit a considerable amount - as has happened on occasion with Cozy (each row is 85+ stitches if I recall correctly - and I usually don't realize I've made a mistake until the end of the row!) Ah well...a new noise to make to myself while I'm knitting...all the better to make people wonder :P


Creative Genius? said...

I TINK all the time! It's so slow!!!

illanna said...

Ha! Tink! I love it!

I also do that all the time, but usually if I have a LOT of stitches, i'll do the thing where you stick the needle in a spot and rip back.

PS- how come I didn't know you started cozy? Where are the pictures? I can't wait to see!!!!!