Monday, November 15, 2004


I'm not quite certain what spurred the ridiculous spate of "spring cleaning" frenzy at my house, but it was either my office move or a recent trip to IKEA. Now that the frenzy has stopped, I'm pretty happy - my poor nose on the other hand, is not so happy - even with the air purifiers running on high, we kicked up more than enough dust to keep my allergies (or rather my nose) running at a furious pace.

Of course, it wasn't just standard books and paperwork that got organized, I even purchased a three tier bin (from the IKEA Trofast series) to house my yarn and miscellaneous knitting supplies. Unfortunately, all my yarn has not yet been moved into its new home because I got distracted by making up pouches to hold all my double pointed needles (tune in tomorrow for a photo). Incidentally, that particular activity also distracted me from making any progress on my knitting projects...Cozy still lingers at the bedside waiting patiently. I've got plans for that Beachcomber yarn....and my Elann order came in :) So Ribby Cardi madness will be underway shortly.

Some tips from the weekend: If you have textbooks that you don't think you will ever use in your real life, get rid of them while they still have value. For heavens sake, don't do like I did and move the darn things hither and yon across the country. I finally bit the bullet and brought in my heaps of textbooks that I don't care to keep (yes, I did have trouble parting with a few) and managed to reap a small $50 for my efforts. The good news is they took all the ones with no resale value off my hands for donation - so at least I didn't have to keep dragging them around in my car! I also made a run to the used book store to drop off some "regular" books that I don't ever see myself re-reading - and since they were offering more money if I did a "trade," I came home with a couple new additions. No knitting books, but they did have a couple of nice cookbooks to add to my ever growing collection.


Creative Genius? said...

Sweet that you got organized! I know how good that feels - and I also can relate to the start one project and OH LOOK there is another project that needs starting and then OH LOOK there is another... and by the end of the night you have started several and finished none... I hate that! :-)

I can't wait to see the double pointed case!

Anonymous said...

Bookman's is a wonderful place. I trust, though, that you kept your 3.10 (Quantum) textbook so you could enshrine it, worship it, and quiver at its sheer evil. I still can't look at a pear without thinking of tunneling, thanks to you.

Whee, allergies. I haven't had a problem with them since I moved away from Phoenix with its infestation of olive trees. You should move to Colorado. :) Mountains, wilderness, and *no* olive trees! Of course, all our water goes to Phoenix, too, so...

Congratulations on the cleaning and organizing. I've been working on that lately, too, and it sure feels nice.

Babble, babble babble.