Sunday, November 28, 2004

Trader Joe's + Weber Baby Q = well fed hiker

I love Trader Joes. And I love my Baby Q. Thanks to them both, I'm eating very well indeed when I take off on a road trip :) This past weeks menu included such delectables as Bulgogi and Barbecued Pork Loin. I have to say though, that the simmer sauces are amazing and resulted in one of my best meal concoctions yet for the road. What was it? Thai Red Curry. Cooked on a white gas stove in the middle of the desert. It made for one happy camper indeed. What all went in the pot? Converted rice (because it takes too long to cook normal rice on my camp stove), a huge can of chicken breast, and veggies of choice - I opted for green beans. Oh yes, and the Thai Red Curry simmer sauce from TJ's. Yum.

On the fiber front, I've finished off the detailing on my last minute knitted item and I've stumbled across a shrug pattern that I think I may well have to acquire yarn for. It calls for Cashmerino Super Chunky...but I've got partial skeins of Homespun I need to use...I could go pick up a couple more skeins and crank out that shrug...

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Raquel said...

But Debbie Bliss cashmerino is so yummy. I fondled some the other day but opted for the merino chunky instead...making a keyhole scarf for one of mom's friends. :)