Friday, October 05, 2007

Yikes! It's Socktober!

Time is surely flying - I can't believe it's already October! Of course, I suppose the fact that autumn doesn't really happen down here (it's still in the 90's can you believe it?!) doesn't really help much with my brain's ability (or non-ability) to register the marching on of the time...

Behold, the first socks of the season....excuse the flashy photo - I kept forgetting to take photos during daylight hours and finally gave in and just took one with the flash.

Both socks are indeed done, and all the details can be found over at the Finished Objects Blog. Clicky clicky :)

I am now sockless in terms of projects on needles, and am trying to decide what to cast on for - since I'm now working 2 lace projects (soon to be 3 what with Secret of the Stole's first clue being released) I feel the need for cabling and texture - or something simple and plain. I think for simple and plain, I might cast on (finally) for Rowan Frolic, after I do some swatching...nothing simpler than 2x2 rib ;)
As for the cables and a sock project I'm trying to decide between Twisted Flower...and Bayerische

oy. the choices.

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AmysBabies said...

Love Love the twisted flower socks! Fall got to Tucson yesterday, maybe it will get to you soon