Monday, October 22, 2007


Lovely, isn't it? And I was just thinking I was in need of a shawl pin :)
Letoya made it as a surprise for my birthday! I apparently am getting more girly with age, and love the pink tourmalines in it - did you know that tourmalines look different under different light sources? Well, it's true - in the photo above, they are a light clear pink - yet in the photo that Letyoya took they are appear to be a deep rich pink. I actually need to run around with it some and see for myself what they look like in different light settings. Incidentally, Letoya makes lots of pretty things, some of which she's made available over on etsy.

In case you're reading and wondering, no that isn't some sneak lace knitting that I haven't posted - it's the little portion of the Secret of Chrysopolis Stole that I've managed to complete. The stole is released through Clue 4, however I'm still knitting away on clue 1. The beads and their placement are my own doing - the pattern doesn't have beads incorporated. It's definitely a more challenging lace knit than Secret of the Stole, but I'm enjoying them the detriment of my other projects!


sprite said...

Happy birthday!!!!

AmysBabies said...

What a great present! Happy Birthday :D

eva said...

Beautiful! Happy Birthday!

I know what you mean about getting more girly with age. I've started noticing it happening to me.