Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Painted Petrogylph

Another adventure not too long ago had me hunting down the elusive "red deer" - these petroglyphs are unique because they are unique because they are actually colored. In addition to being pecked into the stones, these particular petroglyphs have also been painted with reddish-brown pigment. Several other deer in the area appear to have been previously pigmented, though exposure to the elements seems to have washed the pigment away. The Red Deer can be found in Agua Fria National Monument - near the Squaw Creek Complex. If I remember correctly, the access is by 4WD vehicle, and then on foot - though it isn't a really long "hike" - rather a ramble, checking out the ruins and other petroglyphs in the area. Better to tackle this adventure once the weather has cooled down, as the rocks can be burning hot in the summer!

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