Monday, October 29, 2007

Twisted Knitting.

~100 stitches, twisted and cabled = Bayerische. I am currently thinking of modifying the pattern to continue the cabling down the heel, just like Mizar has its cables straight down the heel...I think I'm crazy. At least I cast on for them in Soctober :D though there is no hope of my finishing them before the month is out. Seems the nonstop lace knitting of late has taken a toll on my wrists/forearms. I feel the dreaded tendinitis creeping in again, so I'm trying to find ways to still get some knitting in without damaging myself further - I've taken to knitting English style again to see if that helps at all...if it doesn't then I'm going to have to curtail the knitting and spend time doing other prep yarn for dyeing ;)


Oiyi said...

The orange is great!

AmysBabies said...

NO WAY!! I just cast on for these socks too! Mine are going to be little shorty socks, my sister hates tall socks.