Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blankets on the Brain

I love the looks of quilts - especially the traditional geometric variety. Unfortunately it seems I am always doing battle with the sewing machine or the fabric (I can't seem to cut fabric properly to save my life) - but that doesn't mean I can't be inspired!

Witness all the evidence:

While at a craft fair last week, I decided I needed something simple and portable to knit. The socks I'm working are definitely not simple, nor is the lace - especially with all the beading...Frolic might be considered simple enough, but I didn't want to risk having to keep track of rows and shaping...so I cast on for some mitered squares. I've had a Mitered square blanket in the queue for ages - after a few rough starts (stockinette miters have a little trickiness to them involving the moving and shifting of a pair of stitch markers) I have 4 miters completed (not all done at the craft fair ;)) - I'm doing 2 different striping patterns, 1 based on the fibonacci sequence...and the other based on one of the miter square blankets done by Mason Dixon Kay. We'll see if I have the bravery for some of the partial garter Miters as well...

While at the craft fair, I was situated in a booth right across the aisle from some ladies who were selling lovely quilts - one of which (notice the non-plain background above) now lives with me...while I aspire to be able to sew a quilt one day, it is not a day anytime in the remotely near future.

...Much more in line with my skill and ability are the projects in Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. That lovely book was a present from Amy. Baby steps, right? The projects in the book are great, with lovely photography (I'm such a sucker for good photography) - and clear instructions. I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with my sewing machine while working on some of the projects from the book.

And finally, a book that brings knitting and quilting motifs together: Kaffe Knits Again: 24 Original Designs Updated for Today's Knitters

I'm lucky enough to have received a review copy of Kaffe Fassett's new book - and it doesn't disappoint. The book is laid out nicely with stunning photography full of rich color - just what I would expect from Kaffe Fassett. Similar to some magazines, the book has all the glorious photos right at the beginning of the book - first a gallery of smaller thumbnail-like photos, followed by stunning full-page ones. All the pattern details (and charts galore) can be found after the collection of glorious photographs. The book itself is a treat to look at - I could spend hours gazing at the various photos just for their rich and vibrant hues. While the knitwear does not always appeal due to their blockier shapes, I know the bold motifs will easily transfer to other projects. I find I really enjoy the combination of geometric and organic patterns presented in this book. My particular favorites are the Big Flower Throw, Crosspatch, the Gridlock Throw, the Stepped Flowers stole, Cheviot Gardens, Mirage and Puzzle. I'm looking forward to spending more time with this book, soaking in the colors and perhaps even braving the world of intarsia again. If you've a fixation for glorious colorwork, I highly recommend this book :)


Oiyi said...

Yes, the patchwork book is so inspirational. I got fabric to make one of the quilts, but haven't had time to start. All I want to do is knit right now.

AmysBabies said...

I love doing miters. I OD on miters this summer :D That is a great looking book! I am a quilter at heart and I might have to pick that one up for inspiration.

Letoya said...

Nice book! Cool Amazon popup too. How'd you do that?