Monday, October 08, 2007

Corona, Anyone?

No, not *that* kind of Corona!

Sorry for the slightly blurry photo - apparently the Macro setting wasn't working quite right on the camera. This would be one of the numerous scallopy Coronas on the edge of the Wing of the Moth Shawl. I do believe in aggressively blocking my each of the Coronas got 8 pins each to make sure they were nice and round :) I'm looking forward to the unpinning. All told, I probably used a box and a half (that would be about 150) T-pins to get the job done...

And out of the extra yarn I spun, this is all that was left. Notice how you can just start seeing thru the "wall" of the yarncake. Keeping an eye on the quickly collapsing yarn cake during the bind-off process was making me think that I was going to be needing a Corona...that's for sure!


Rachel said...

The tip of your shawl looks really nice, I am waiting patiently to see the whole thing and if I would have seen those holes in the new cake I am not so sure a corona was enough to sooth me! :)

AmysBabies said...

that was a close one! I can't wait for the full shot either