Wednesday, October 24, 2007


a "waterfall" of yarn on my stairs while I do inventory

Whenever I get a box of yarn in, I always unpack the box - first, so I can do inventory, and second, so I can move the yarn to the Storage Room (or wherever else I'm going to squirrel it away until it's ready to be dyed). Often times, this results in cascades of yarn flowing down my stairs.

One of the yarns I'm all stocked up on is a new base that I worked with a mill to design. It's a three-ply fat fingering yarn, and it's gorgeous once dyed and fluffed up (and it's not too bad plain either ;) ) It's name is Sidhe - and it is available for purchase in its naked and natural state at the shop!

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AmysBabies said...

Oh wow! I wanna come play at your house! I can be there in 2 hours, 1.5 if I push the MPH :D