Friday, October 19, 2007

Ever Evolving.

When we got our house, it was spacious and there was tons and tons of room. The house was perfectly sized - a nice large master bedroom for us, plus a room for each of the cats ;) Actually, the guest rooms were a nice size for I have no idea where to put guests anymore.

This particular room has likely seen the most drastic changes. It went from being a guest room, to a sewing room (you can't see the 2 sewing machines - one of which is an industrial beast that likes to try to eat fingers), to a gear storage room (when the other gear storage / music guest room needed overflow can hardly see any of the gear (partially due to creative cropping and the large quantities of other things in the room at this stage). Incidentally it seems I like to play with string in various varieties - the bright orange would happen to be a couple of new ropes I haven't broken into yet, and yes, that is a spool of rope on the floor.

The center of the room, which used to be used for blocking lace, is now covered in boxes of books (and no, that's not all of them) - I'm expecting about 25 more boxes to be moved into that room as soon as the rest of the books arrive from the Printer. The couch has turned into a storage shelf (it wasn't a very comfortable couch) - and it holds yarn inventory. And for the curious, no, that would not be all of my yarn. That's just *some* of my yarn (though it is mostly naked yarn). In the spirit of full disclosure, I should note that that the inventory currently overfloweth - I just received a shipment of base yarns (including the new one that I had specially designed just for Spritely Goods :D ). I've been running around trying to find places to store yarn, and I'm afraid I have to admit it's taken over the house. Too bad I haven't quite figured out how to make it work as insulation for the house ;)

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AmysBabies said...

At least you still know what's in each box. When you start pointing to boxes and asking "What's in that one?" Then you might be in trouble