Monday, June 04, 2007

Yarn. Everywhere.

Before I get too far into should know that:

The shop updated over the weekend - most of the regular colorways are all back in stock, plus 10 limited edition colorways that will never be repeated!

One would presume that if I have just updated the shop, that yarn would no longer be all over the house. That would only be logical. However, it seems that as I keep trying to decide on projects, I wind up making small piles of my personal stash in various locations in the house.

Right now, there is a ball of Globe Mallow on the couch, attached to some secret is snuggled up next to a couple of balls of Karaoke, which happen to be attached to several pieces of Avast....which is actually seeing some progress after the sleeves miraculously reached escape velocity of the knitting black hole. It seemed for quite some time these last few weeks that no amount of knitting on the sleeves was resulting in any sort of measurable length - though last night, before I put it down, I took a measurement and it looks like I may only have an inch or so to go before joining the sleeves to the body....just in time for the summer ;)

Also lingering around the house are several balls of red SWTC Bamboo - the same yarn I knit my Shetland Triangle Shawl out of - it is trying to decide if it wants to be knit into another Swallowtail...Apparently I'm in the mood for Lace.

I've got several other skeins laying around the house in states of dishabille trying to decide what they want to be - one of them has me actually thinking of trying to design a pair of semi-lacy socks...the base stitch pattern is 6 stitches (I think). I think it should be fairly straight forward - though most socks seem to have 64 stitches in the leg...and 6 does not smoothly go into 64. It does go smoothly into 60 and 66 - though 66 is no good for splitting the pattern for the foot....ah well, I guess I'll start my scribblings and see. Right now I'm feeling the tug between attempting my first sock design and knitting on someone else's design...namely Cookie A's Twisted Flower...arguably, I could do both...though that may not be the smart thing for me to do...

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sprite said...

Minty's Zokni sock that I knit back in April was knit on 60 stitches. It took a while to work out gauge, but it was a beautiful sock.