Monday, June 25, 2007


My cat, apparently, wishes to be a writer one day. He's not too good at it, but he sure tries. Heck, I'm sure I'd have problems too if I had to hold onto the pen with both hands!

I aspire to not have to be my own tech-support for web issues. A move to a new webhost was averted at the last moment, though plenty of comparison shopping occurred and a new host has been identified should my web hosting shenanigans persist.

I also aspire to be able to happily run my 2 races scheduled later this year. I'm continuing with my indoor training and cross training, and while I am still slightly frustrated at my slow pace, I do believe that things are settling - it certainly seems like my heart rate doesn't fluctuate quite as much as it did when I first started this adventure. Time will tell. I've officially cleared myself into Week 6 of the C25k program, and my feet and legs appear to have adjusted to the new orthotic devices. Hooray!

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BumbleVee said...

Aren't cats funny with pens, pencils and paper? Mine used to play on my typewriter while I was learning to type too..(yeh... in the olden days when we had those .. whacking at the keys til they got hit with one, then they would go away or lie down on the books..