Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Feeling Blue.

I had been trying to figure out just what to do with a pair of skeins of Noro Lotus - the yarn itself is quite lovely, though the yardage is quite short - and I didn't want to knit it up into something that would show off the yarn...

Noro Lotus
With that in mind, I started pouring through both of my newly acquired treasuries in search of a stitch pattern that might work. For better contemplation, I wound the yarn into cakes...

Of course, finding a suitable pattern was a challenge seeing as I had limited yardage to work with, and the gauge of the yarn isn't fine by any stretch of the imagination.

After casting on and ripping out several times (yes, several - so anyone who is wondering if the yarn takes to ripping, the answer is yes, it does so beautifully!), we seem to be getting along and this knit is proving to be a welcome respite from more challenging lace knitting and the sweater...which is looking more and more like a sweater as progress continues on the yoke!

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