Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Projects on the Needles

This is what the couch looks like...poor cats, there's no room for them! I guess this would probably be why they typically sit in my lap while I'm knitting...

The blue is my Noro Lotus - as you can see, the simple dropped stitch pattern shows the yarn off very well. It's simple and soothing to work on, and it's going really fast, as dropped stitch scarves typically do :)

The bright orange mass is a lace project :) You might be able to pick out leaves in there...The yarn isn't really quite that bright...it just looks that way in the photo.

The gray is Avast - I'm over halfway done with the yoke - I'm loving this part of the knitting because with each row, the knitting goes faster and faster! Once I get the collar done, I plan to kitchner up the underarm stitches (I left them live) and I'll get a preliminary try-on done. I sure hope it fits...I figure if there is length that needs to be added to the body, I can get away with adding a bit at the bottom since I have to pick up for the bottom hem still...the sleeves though, will be the clincher. I sure hope I wasn't too hasty in joining them up with the body!

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