Friday, June 22, 2007

Take 5...

It seems like somethings are just destined to be difficult, but once they settle, it's smooooooth sailing (kind of like what's going with my host right now. But lets not talk about that...I'd rather talk about my knitting, wouldn't you?)

Anyhow, I had hoped to find a glorious pattern that would be suitable to showing off that fantastic blue yarn....things were proving difficult though, and as I mentioned previously, there was much trial and error knitting going on. The yarn survived numerous rippings beautifully (thank goodness) and has proven to be very soothing for me to work on these last several days as I agonized over the fate of my poor shop. As you may notice, I wound up settling for a simple drop stitch to 1) make the most of the yardage and 2) show of the yarn to its best advantage. It's coming out great. I shoulda known to just keep it simple ;)

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