Monday, June 11, 2007

Everybody loves Cake

Yarn Cake Portraits. Get yours at
A while back, Janet started a new flickr group dedicated to yarn cake portraits... and it's been growing every day! Almost as fun as Ravelry, the various yarn cakes have been a delight to look at. If you have a fascination with yarn cakes, pop on over and request an invite :)

Of course...if photos of yarn make you want to Stash Enhance....then perhaps it may not be the wisest group to join ;) All I can say is don't blame me if you get a hankering to acquire any yarns after having a good look at all the go over warned ;)

1 comment:

Twisted Knitter said...

And still some of my faves are the ones with kitties in them. I should get one . . . a kitty that is . . . I have PLENTY of yarn cakes.

I'm glad to see there are others who enjoy the cakes as much as I do.