Friday, June 08, 2007

Together, at last!

Finally, after breaking free from the Knitting Black Hole, I have attached the sleeves to the body of the sweater and am cruising along on the yoke!

You may notice some strange quantity of needles in that photo - I am knitting the sweater back and forth on one long Denise needle (because the plastic tips are kinda bendy and cause my hands less distress - though it seems like the yarn sticks on the cable :( making moving stitches around a little bit of a pain). You might spy some plastic DPNs with needle protectors or even some other long circulars.....those are all there to hold onto the few live stitches at the underarm. Yes, I realize I was supposed to bind those off...but this is one of the modifications i have made - I am knitting the entire sweater seamlessly. The arms were knit in the round, the underarm stitches with be grafted together....

As you may note, there is slight striping on this sweater - this is due to the yarn I am knitting with - it has fairly broad stripes; however, since I find the broad stripes objectionable - so I have been knitting from two ends of a ball, or from two separate balls in some cases. I'm still getting a little bit of striping, but I think it looks much happier this way.

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