Tuesday, January 31, 2006

First KAL for the New Year?

Well....I swatched. And I did math - lots and lots of math. I think I have a Random Button around too that can be used to close the sweater.

What am I yammering about? The KAL is Yarn Harlot's crazy Knitting Olympics. The object of my craziness? The Teva Durham Leaf Lace pullover. Knit in Southwest Trading Company Optimum in Lilac (I think - or maybe it's Plum) - whatever it is, it's purple, and it's sitting on the side table waiting for the designated start time, along with my copious notes. I sure hope I did the math right...and I'm also hoping I have enough yarn. In order to try to mitigate the possibility of shortage, the following strategy has been planned: 1) knit the sleeves, together of course...even tho they have different motifs on them 2) Knit the top and finally 3) Knit the bottom, and if the yarn is looking short, graft away and hope to heck it's not a belly baring sweater.

Am I nuts?
Oh well. According to some, this is not a new development.

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Bonnie said...

I haven't picked my project yet. So at least you are ready with that. AND I will be keeping an eye on you during the Knitting Olympics since I think the sheer size of many of these projects indicates that some knitting atheletes are using performance enhancing drugs. ;-)