Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Olympic Training?

I was all fired up to join in on the Knitting Olympics, that is, until 1) Work went to heck in a handbasket and me up to my eyeballs in taskforce meetings 2) I realized I didn't have yarn required for the project I had planned. What project was this you ask? The Teva Durham Leaf Lace Pullover. For me to complete this project while not enhancing the stash would mean mucho math. And while I'm not opposed to mathematics (I am, after all, an enginerd) my brain has been mush and not mathematics friendly of late. I could go ahead and cast on the Misti Alpaca and see about doing another Pirate Hat.

So then I thought hey - maybe I could join the Crochet Olympics instead, but then I wasn't sure what I could crochet.

What would probably do me best tho, considering the recent haul of fiber would be the Spinning Olympics, wherein I attempt to spin a bobbin a day or something like that...Of course, seeing as I only have 4 bobbins, I would have to finish off or wind off a mess of singles...

Course, I could just say I don't need this additional stress and finish off that cat bed, after all the winter won't be staying long and the cats need more furniture :P

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Jenny said...

Hey. What are your plans for this weekend? Just wanted to check in. Let me know how that forty pounds of fiber is going. Hm. That sounds like a Russell Crowe side project.