Monday, January 16, 2006

It's Lambing Season!

Just as cute, if not cuter than the lambs I designed for Southwest Trading Company, and inspired by the little lambs I see in fields this time of year, I present my first pattern available for sale in my shop!

They are made out of SWTC yarns, mostly because those are what I have on hand these days. I have been successful in making these sheep out of other yarns and note that while the Karaoke is easier to find substitutes for, the Feather is quite unique. If you know of yarns like it, to use as a substitute, please feel free to leave a comment!


Maryellen said...

baa baa baa!

that's sheep talk for your amazing too. You can't have your yarn back! I do love the sheep.

illanna said...

Those sheep are super cute. Do you think one needs to have great crochet skills to make them? I'm just ok at crochet, but I might be able to learn from a book if it means a) using my bamboo feather and b) getting to own one of those amazing cute sheep.