Thursday, January 12, 2006

I have no willpower.

I am weak. An absolute Wimp with a capitol W when it comes to yarn sales - even more so when I can get my hands on said yarn to feel it up good and proper before it goes into the shopping basket. The original intent was to purchase some yarns for spinning - or rather for plying and some yarn so I can start that Pirate Hat...

Anyhow, behold, the yarns for spinning - in their glittery glory - 5 balls of fancy yarn to use while plying - a little something to add some shimmer to my handspun goods. The white stuff is actually an iridescent glittery yarn, and the red is Flame colored Little Flowers from Crystal Palace. I couldn't resist.

Here is a small pile of yarn that is destined to become pirate hats. I figured the red and black actually matches the yarn that is called out in the pattern - the baby ull will require some futzing to get it to hit the gauge requirements. Wish I had known Adrian was going to release matching mittens, I would have picked up extra - as it is, I'm going to have to figure out what to do for the linings in the hats as I didn't get extra yarn, and I really don't have any sport weight yarn in my stash - which would be why I had to enhance the stash to get those hats done!

What's that? Oh, the blue stuff? You're right and you're terribly observant - I've broken the resolve to not stash enhance already. I couldn't help it. I've been wanting that stuff ever since I first saw it in a yarn shop - and was successful in ignoring the urge til this last round. Clicky clicky on the photo for a closeup. It's Noro Lotus, in case you're wondering, and no, I really have no idea what it's going to turn into. I might actually have to get a WPI tool so I can try to spin to match it. In addition to the hoard above, I picked up a small group of Addi Turbos (some normal addi's and some Addi Naturas) because my Phildars don't have the smoothest of joins (that, and they were included in the sale).

Last, but not least...remember what I said about being weak? Everything, and I mean *everything* in the store was on sale - that includes the item in the box...if I didn't already have a spinning wheel, it would have been a good time to buy one - I settled for a fine cloth drum carder instead. In an effort to fool myself, it's still in the box, waiting patiently in front of my wheel. (I figure I'm not really committed until I take it out of the box - then again, my wise husband inquires how I know I will like it unless I open the box - it's a catch 22, I tell you!) I intend to use it for custom blending fibers - both by way of color and fiber type. I guess I ought to get that fiber biz moving, eh? I've got to start off setting the capitol expenses!


Wendy said...

Nice yarn haul!

I'm delurking -- hi!

Jenny said...

Hey! How are you doing this week? It was great to see you Friday, and OMG what cute new sheep. I'm posting here because I too had long lusted after the Noro Lotus, and finally got three skeins at Jessica KNits (now that it's discontinued, but oddly, not on sale?) and just made garter stitch scarves out of it. What can I say? I was in a mood. How was the hiking? Write me and let me know what you are up to this week.

denise said...

hee hee hee!