Monday, January 02, 2006

Looking Backwards and Forwards

2005 was a fantastic year - especially when it comes to crafting and "meeting" all kinds of new people when it comes to blogs!

Accomplishments in 2005 included:
Learning how to spin, on both a spindle and a wheel
Learning how to crochet
Plenty of new knitting techniques - including reading charts, knitting lace, ditching dpns to knit socks from the toe up and the cuff down, and learning to cable without a cable needle!
Finished objects were numerous (I'm actually quite surprised, since it really didn't seem like I was finishing much of anything at the time!), and included:
1 long sleeved shrug
1 cardigan (hooray, Ribby!)
various baby gifts, including 2 pairs of baby booties, a matching sweater and hat, and a pinafore
3 works of lace
numerous scarves
a rather neat menagerie of creatures
a felted bag, a photo of which appeared in Creative Knitting
a fancy tank
and finally, some Cabled Goodness in two varieties

This year, I hope for lots of things - I hope for continued and new friendships, good health, plenty of creativity, and the time management skills to be able to do it all ;) . With cabling and sock knitting down, my next task is to conquer color knitting :) Other fiber pursuits include massive stash reduction, getting my fiber business off the ground, and learning how to turn out a spectacular supercoil. I have plenty of other hopes that are non-fiber related too, but those seem rather mundane - from improving my health and fitness, to learning to live more simply and with less stuff and all kinds of things in between.

I don't know what it is about the beginning of a new year - either time time away from work has been particularly energizing, or it's just the mental thing of starting anew - whatever it is, I'm liking it, and I hope to remain energized for quite some time!

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Brooklyn Handspun said...

Your FO's are beautiful, and I'm sure you'll churn out some fabulous knit items this year. Happy New Year - I hope you acomplish all you set out to do this year.